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Anyone else super excited for the Irishman?

Scorsese is my favorite director and has directed my favorite movie of all time Goodfellas. It seems he never disappoints with his mobster movies, goodfellas, casino, the departed etc. The cast is obviously stacked as well. I’m also pretty sure this is Al Pacinos first time working with Scorsese as well. I’m really hoping it’s not a let down.
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The Irishman and Death

There is a scene in Casino towards the end where the assembled bosses are deciding whether or not they kill a union representative Andy Stone. Every mobster assembled seems to have nothing but praise for Stone and indeed there seems no reason to kill a man who until this point had been nothing but loyal, however one of the bosses Remo Gaggi is hesitant simply asking “Look , why take a chance ?” and Stones fate is sealed. In Casino, the scene was darkly comedic another reflection of the absurdity and callousness of the mob. However The Irishman finds its central tragedy in those five words. Death is an ever present companion in the Irishman. Hoffas murder is shown to us in the first five minutes and every gangster that appears on screen is briefly captured in a moment of celebration or amusement so that the viewer is informed of how they met their end. The film itself takes pains to show the decay of its protagonists reducing them to nothing over time if they are not killed outright. What’s more is that most if not all of the killings shown in the film are utterly pointless most of them driven by greed pettiness ,paranoia, laziness or a combination of the four. At times the pointless nature of these killings is played for comedy (a man is gunned down because of a simple miscommunication an event the Frank simply describes as a “bad hit”) and for tragedy (the betrayal of Hoffa is what truly damns Frank and Russell) but always an air of meaninglessness hangs over them. The impish charm of Scorsese’s earlier gangster films is stripped away and all that is left is a steely contempt for this world that reminds me David Chase’s work on The Sopranos (funny enough Scorsese didn’t actually enjoy the series though both works tread similar ground). Death is given with such dispassion in such coded language that it takes a second to realize the mob bosses have ordered a man to be murdered as if by coding their order they distance themselves from what they do. But as the film emphasizes time and time again takings someone’s life always has consequences, no man is an island after all. By killing so casually one damns themselves to a personal hell they will never truly escape. Frank and Russ spend most of their lives steeped in death and killing and are ultimately forced to watch their lives slip away with Frank in particular left truly alone unable to feel remorse for what he’s done and the lives his ruined and unable to repair what he has broken. In the end all he has left is his memories and a death few will mourn, loyal to dead men and codes that have been broken so many times as to become meaningless. When we last see frank he is alone with what he’s done, staring at the door left slightly ajar hoping that someone, something will come in to rescue him from the prison he has made for himself but we know that it’s not coming all that’s coming for Frank is death and end to a wasted life.
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[RESOURCE] Sauce, noodles, rice, and oil in Hong Kong that are not made in China

A list of food items not made in China, translated from https://www.facebook.com/groups/2798734860192968/permalink/2908814829184970/
The list is for Hong Kong. The same product sold at other places may have a different country of origin. I hope this list will inspire people in other places to make similar lists.
✔️ Made in Hong Kong: Lee Kum Kee 李錦記 (soy sauce & oyster sauce only), Tung Chun 同珍 (chilly sauce only), Yuet Wo 悅和醬園, Kowloon Soy 九龍醬園, Tai Ma 大孖
✔️ Made in Taiwan: Kimlan 金蘭
✔️ Made in France: Heinz 亨氏
✘ Made in China: Lee Kum Kee (except soy sauce & oyster sauce), Yummy House 美味棧, Knorr liquid seasoning 家樂牌鮮露, Maggi 美極, Yu Pin King 御品皇, Swanson 史雲生, Select 佳之選, Pearl River Bridge 珠江橋牌
✔️ Made in Hong Kong: Gourmet Alley 錦華坊, Nissin Cup Noodles 日清合味道 (mini only), Nissin Demae Iccho (except non-fried black garlic oil cup noodles) 日清出前一丁(黑蒜油非油炸杯麵除外), Doll Bowl Noodle 公仔碗麵
✔️ Made in Taiwan: Imperial Big Meal 滿漢大餐
✔️ Made in Vietnam: Fuku Instant Noodles 福字上湯伊麵
✔️ Made in South Korea: (Ottogi?) Cheese Bokki (不倒翁?)芝士撈麵, Nongshim packaged noodles 農心包裝麵
✔️ Made in Thailand: Chewy 超力, Imperial Banquet (Thai Rice Vermicelli, Ho Fen, Pad Thai) 金御膳米粉河粉金邊粉
✔️ Made in Italy: Select Pasta 佳之選意粉, Barilla
✔️ Made in Greece: Barilla
✔️ Made in France: Casino
✔️ Made in Turkey: Best Buy 超值牌
✔️ Made in Australia: San Remo
✘ Made in China: Fuku Bowl Rice Vermicelli 福字碗裝米粉, Sau Tao 壽桃牌, Select Chinese Noodles 佳之選中式麵, Imperial Banquet Green Bean Vermicelli 金御膳龍口粉絲, Nissin Cup Noodles 日清合味道 (except mini), Peacock Brand 孔雀牌, GOF 高富牌, Swan Brand 天鵝牌, Doll Fried Noodle 公仔炒麵王, Doll Instant Mifun 公仔米粉, Doll Dim Sum Noodle 公仔點心麵, Nissin Harusame 日清杯粉絲, Nongshim Kimchi Ramyun Cup Noodle 農心辣白菜, Nongshim Shin Ramyun 農心辛辣麵, Nongshim Clay Pot Cup/Bowl Noodle 農心石鍋杯/碗麵
✔️ Made in Thailand: Gelephant 金象, Greendotdot Rice Trio 點點綠三色米, Best Buy 超值牌, Golden Phoenix 金鳳, Grain 01 一造米
✔️ Made in Hong Kong: Kam Heung 金香, Gelephant Pearl Rice 金象牌珍珠米, Cherry Blossom Castle Brand 櫻城牌, Kangaroo Brand Low GI 袋鼠牌低升糖指數
✔️ Made in Australia: Double Ram 雙羊牌
✔️ Made in USA: Chewy Kumai Pearl Rice 超力熊井珍珠米
✔️ Made in Taiwan: Koshihikari Rice 越光米
✘ Made in China: Greendotdot (Millet, Black Rice, Ten Grains Rice) 點點綠(小米、黑米、十穀米), Imperial Banquet (Pearl Rice, Brown Rice) 金御膳(珍珠米、香糙米), Tinnmi Sushi 金田禾, Pik Heung To 碧香稻
✔️ Made in Canada and Packaged in Hong Kong: Imperial Banquet Canola Oil 金御膳芥花籽油
✔️ Made in South Korea and Packaged in Hong Kong: Imperial Banquet Corn Oil 金御膳栗米油
✔️ Made in Hong Kong: Lion & Globe 獅球嘜
✔️ Made in Malaysia: Mazola 萬歲
✔️ Made in Canada: Tripod 寶鼎
✔️ Packaged in Singapore: Select 佳之選
✘ Made in China: Imperial Banquet Peanut Oil 金御膳花生油, Knife 刀嘜
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NEW AND IMPROVED! (sort of) Random Stuff Selector (Regularly Updated)

Har har good joke at the end there, title
This is a complete Redo of my not-at-all-patented Random Weapon Slector from about a year back, which was in heavy need of updating. (especially after that damn akimbo update.) Want weapons picked out for you? Throwables, characters, even your masks? It's all here! (Within reason. I'm not typing out all those fucking melee weapons, because they wouldn't even fit in Wheel Decide anyway and besides which you care less then I do, and I don't care at all.)
Incidently the limit on Wheel Decide is why there's no 'all weapons' - all those Akimbo weapons pushed the number of Primary weapons avaliable above 100, so it's kind of untenable. Sorry!
No Ultimate Edition tables have been offered as appropriate - If they'd only remove a single option, or leave you with either 1 choice or no choice, I haven't done them, if only to keep this thing cleaner when/if I need to edit it. They'll also remove the selections as they're rolled, so if you don't like one particular thing (or you can't use it), feel free to reroll, safe in the knowlege that you won't get it again. (Unless you refresh the page.)
Extra Picky versions of the weapon selections are also in the works, and will be added in When I can be arsed ASAP.
As always, Big thanks to Chosen_Sewen, who created the originals, and derek1092766286, who raised a good point about people who desire particular weapon types and the chance involved, which made me decide to make a few other selectors.


Type Selector
Assault Rifles (No Ultimate Edition)
Akimbo Pistols
Akimbo SMGs
Akimbo Shotguns
Shotguns (No Ultimate Edition)
Special Weapons


Type Selector
SMGs (No Ultimate Edition Weapons)
Pistols (No Ultimate Edition Weapons)
Special Weapons


The Only 3 Melee Weapons Most Builds Give A Shit About (The Only 2 Melee Weapons Most Builds with no Ultimate Edition give a shit about)
70 Damage Melee Weapons (For Bloodthirst Builds)
Throwables (No Ultimate Edition Weapons)
Shotgun Ammo Type
Bow Arrow Type
Grenade Launcher Ammo Type


Character (No Ultimate Edition Characters)
Perk Deck (No Ultimate Edition Perk Decks)
Crew Abilities
Crew Boosts
Mask Catagory


What The Fuck To Do Today
Difficulty (Top 5 Only)
All Loud Heists (No Ultimate Edition)
All Stealth Heists (No Ultimate Edition)
Bain Heists (Stealth, Loud)
Classic Heists
Event Heists
Hector Heists
Jimmy Heists
Locke Heists
Butcher Heists
Continental Heists
Dentist Heists (Stealth)
Elephant Heists
Vlad Heists (Stealth)
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Undetected virus in plain sight

Hey /techsupport/!
I have the strangest virus ever. At least, I think it's a virus.
It started a while back, I was browsing using Firefox, and I suddenly got a pop-up advertisement. I use adblock, so it was kind of weird, but I did not think much of it.
A few weeks later, ABP had updates a few times, and it still wasn't removed. I scanned my PC a few times using AVG and Avast, but no results.
I then used ABP to block it, I still wasn't sure if it was a virus or not, but at least I did not have to look at it. It's still there, for instance, when I start up Internet Explorer. I normally never use it though, so I didn't really care.
But now, for some reason, it is happening to Steam too.
I did a boottime scan with Avast, and scanned a bazillion times with Microsoft Security Essentials, but nothing came up.
Does ANYBODY know what the hell I am dealing with?
EDIT: Also, the ads range from "Win 50,000 dollars free casino money!" to "Hot moms want to bang in your neighborhood!"
UPDATE: After running rkill.com, FlashcookiesView and GMER, it still did not disappear, so I tried to find more out about the ad. The ad I got at that very moment lead to http://content.yieldmanager.edgesuite.net/atoms/ed/af/79/96/edaf79964fe085ea7c083f4de6441be5.gif. I did not go there to be safe.
Then, checking the source, I found this:
After googling xtendedmedia, I found out they are a company that tracks data or something like that.
So I googled how to get rid of it, and I got on a website from "Do Not Track Plus". I installed the add-on (in Firefox, the browser I mainly use), and I removed the ABP custom blocks I previously added to stop it from popping up in Firefox. Turns out, it's gone! Installing DNTP for FF also stopped the same thing with IE!
Now here's the kicker: Steam still has it. FUCK. I could not find out much about it, but when I right clicked it and clicked "copy link", it gave me this: http://www.google-analytics.com/bv?type=mat, but putting that into my browser got me nowhere.
So the cookies are using google analytics or something? I'm so tired of this crap, does anybody know how to fix this?
EDIT: Like Remo_253 said, I do not think its a virus, seeing as it's not detected by any AV scanner.
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All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2010 (out of the 7,269 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale (Directors: John Dunson + Sean Dunson)
  2. High School Musical: China (Director: Shi-Zheng Chen)
  3. Little Gobie (Director: Tony Tang)
  4. Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure (Director: Joy Chapman)
  5. Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega (Director: Cosmo Segurson)
  6. Once Upon An Island (Director: undisclosed)
  7. Ramona And Beezus (Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum)
  8. Santa’s Apprentice (Director: Luc Vinciguerra)
  9. Slow Moe (Director: Timothy J. Nelson)
  10. Space Dogs (Directors: Inna Evlannikova + Svyatoslav Ushakov)
  11. Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie (Director: Michael Hack)
  12. The Nutcrackers (Director: Alex Colls)
  13. The Secret World of Arrietty (Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi)
  14. Toy Story III (Director: Lee Unkrich)
  15. You’re So Cupid! (Director: John Lyde)
  1. A Cat In Paris (Directors: Jean-Loup Felicioli + Alain Gagnol)
  2. A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventure (Director: Ben Stassen)
  3. A Woman (Director: Giada Colagrande)
  4. Adventures Of A Teenage Dragonslayer (Director: Andrew Lauer)
  5. Adventures In Wonderland (Director: Tim Burton)
  6. Alpha And Omega (Director: Anthony Bell + Ben Gluck)
  7. Arthur III: The War Of The Two Worlds (Director: Luc Besson)
  8. Beneath The Blue (Director: Michael D. Sellers)
  9. Breaking The Press (Director: Andrew Stevens)
  10. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore (Director: Brad Peyton)
  11. Chasing 3000 (Director: Gregory J. Lanesey)
  12. Church (Directors: Foster V. Corder + Cory King)
  13. Cutback (Directors: Lance Bachelder + Johnny Remo)
  14. Despicable Me (Directors: Pierre Coffin + Chris Renaud)
  15. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Director: Thor Freudenthal)
  16. Do Dooni Chaar (Director: Habib Faisal)
  17. Expecting Mary (Director: Dan Gordon)
  18. Extraordinary Measures (Director: Tom Vaughan)
  19. Farmer’s Tan (Director: Brian Tetsuro)
  20. Flipped (Director: Rob Reiner)
  21. Fuchsia The Mini-Witch (Director: Johan Nijenhuis)
  22. Furry Vengeance (Director: Roger Kumble)
  23. Golf In The Kingdom (Director: Susan Streitfeld)
  24. Hot Summer Days (Directors: Tony Chan + Wing Shya)
  25. How To Train Your Dragon (Directors: Dean DeBlois + Chris Sanders)
  26. I Kissed A Vampire (Director: Chris Nolan)
  27. Ice Castles (Director: Donald Wrye)
  28. Just Wright (Director: Sanaa Hamri)
  29. Konferenz der Tiere (Director: Reinhard Klooss + Holger Tappe)
  30. Leap Year (Diector: Anand Tucker)
  31. Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole (Director: Zack Snyder)
  32. Let God Be The Judge (Director: Emmbre Perry)
  33. Letters To God (Directors: David Nixon + Patrick Doughtie)
  34. Letters To Juliet (Director: Gary Winick)
  35. Main Street (Main St.) (Director: John Doyle)
  36. Marmaduke (Director: Tom Dey)
  37. Meeks Cutoff (Director: Kelly Reichardt)
  38. Megamind (Director: Tom McGrath)
  39. Monster Cruise (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  40. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (Director: Daryn Tufts)
  41. Nanny McPhee Returns (Director: Susanna White)
  42. Not THe Messiah: He’s A Very Naughty Boy (Director Aubrey Powell)
  43. Not-So-Super Girl (Director: Abdul MalikIbn Al-Estefan)
  44. Open Season III (Director: Cody Cameron)
  45. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (Director: Chris Columbus)
  46. Pure Country II: The Gift (Director: Christopher Cain)
  47. Reuniting The Rubins (Director: Yoav Factor)
  48. Rising Stars (Director: Daniel Millican)
  49. Rust (Director: Corbin Bernsen)
  50. Secretariat (Director: Randall Wallace)
  51. Shrek Forever After (Director: Mike Mitchell)
  52. Snowmen (Director: Robert Kirbyson)
  53. Sophie & Sheba (Director: Leif Bristow)
  54. Standing Ovation (Director: Stewart Raffill)
  55. Summer Eleven (Director: Joseph Kell)
  56. Suma Joe (Directors: Chris Armstrong + Clay Banks)
  57. TRON: Legacy (Director: Joseph Kosinski)
  58. Tangled (Directors: Nathan Greno + Byron Howard)
  59. The 5th Quarter (Director: Rick Bieber)
  60. The Christmas Bunny (Director: Tom Seidman)
  61. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Director: Michael Apted)
  62. The Dogfather (Director: Richard Boddington)
  63. The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (Director: Luc Besson)
  64. The Genesis Code (Directors: C. Thomas Howell + Patrick Read Johnson)
  65. The Guardians (Director: Chris Hummel)
  66. The Illusionist (Director: Sylvain Chomet)
  67. The Karate Kid (Director: Harald Zwart)
  68. The Last Airbender (Director: M. Night Shyamalan)
  69. The Last Song (Director: Julie Anne Robinson)
  70. The Nutcracker (in 3-D) (Director: Andrey Konchalovskiy)
  71. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Director: Jon Turteltaub)
  72. The Spy Next Door (Director: Brian Levant)
  73. The Way Home (Director: Lance W. Dreesen)
  74. To Love A Woman (Director: George Jiha)
  75. Tooth Fairy (Director: Michael Lembeck)
  76. Unitards (Director: Scott Featherstone)
  77. What If... (Director: Dallas Jenkins)
  78. What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD) (Director: Thomas Makowski)
  79. White Lion (Director: Michael Swan)
  80. Wildfire: The Arabian Heart (Director: Michael Vincent)
  81. Yogi Bear (Director: Eric Brevig)
  82. You Again (Director: Andy Fickman)
  1. ‘Master Harold’...And The Boys (Director: Lonny Price)
  2. All American Zombie Drugs (Director: Alex Ballar)
  3. An Invisible Sign (Director: Marilyn Agrelo)
  4. Another Harvest Moon (Director: Greg Swartz)
  5. Another Year (Director: Mike Leigh)
  6. Bed + Breakfast: Love Is A Happy Accident (Director: Marcio Garcia)
  7. Before We Say Goodbye (Director Paul Davids)
  8. Between Kings And Queens (Director: Joy Dickson)
  9. Blood Done Sign My Name (Director: Jeb Stuart)
  10. Border Guardians Of Ackernon (Director: Paul Best)
  11. Browncoats: Redemption (Director: Michael C. Dougherty)
  12. Burlesque (Director: Steve Antin)
  13. Burning Bright (Director: Carlos Brooks)
  14. Charlie St. Cloud (Director: Burr Steers)
  15. Clash Of The Titans (Director: Louis Leterrier)
  16. Country Singer (Director: Mickey Reece)
  17. Country Strong (Director: Shana Feste)
  18. Crazy On The Outside (Director: Tim Allen)
  19. Date Night (Director: Shawn Levy)
  20. Dead Hollywood Blondes (Director: Deirdre McGill)
  21. Dear John (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  22. Detective Dee: Mystery Of The Phantom Flame (Director: Hark Tsui)
  23. Devil (Director: John Erick Dowdle)
  24. Dinner For Schmucks (Director: Jay Roach)
  25. Dog Jack (Director: Edward T. McDougal)
  26. Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night (Director: Kevin Munroe)
  27. Easy A (Director: Will Gluck)
  28. Eat Pray Love (Director: Ryan Murphy)
  29. Everything Nice (Director: Garrett Kelly)
  30. Exorcismus (Director: Manuel Carballo)
  31. Fair Game (Director: Doug Liman)
  32. Father Of Invention (Director: Trent Cooper)
  33. Fool For Love (Director: Charlie Nguyen)
  34. Freestyle (Director: Kolton Lee)
  35. Ghost From The Machine (Director: matt Osterman)
  36. Good Intentions (Director: Jim Issa)
  37. Greta (Director: Antonio de Santos)
  38. Griff The Invisible (Director: Leon Ford)
  39. Grown Ups (Director: Dennis Dugan)
  40. Guilt & Sentence (Director: Spencer T. Folmar)
  41. Gulliver’s Travels (Director: Rob Letterman)
  42. Harry Potter + The Deathly Hallows (Pt. 1) (Director: David Yates)
  43. Heaven Ain’t Hard To Find (Director: Neema Barnette)
  44. Hereafter (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  45. How Do You Know? (Director: James L. Brooks)
  46. In My Sleep (Director: Allen Wolf)
  47. Inception (Director: Christopher Nolan)
  48. Insidious (Director: James Wan)
  49. Iron Man II (Director: Jon Favreau)
  50. It’s Kind Of A Funny Story (Directors: Anna Boden + Rya Fleck)
  51. It’s A Wonderful Afterlife (Director: Gurinder Chadha)
  52. Jonah Hex (Director: Jimmy Hayward)
  53. Killers (Director: Robert Luketic)
  54. Knight And Day (Director: James Mangold)
  55. Knucklehead (Director: Michael W. Watkins)
  56. L'appât (Director: Yves Simoneau)
  57. Lebanon, PA. (Director: Ben Hickernell)
  58. Legendary (Director: Mel Damski)
  59. Leonie (Director: Hisako Matsui)
  60. Life As We Know It (Director: Greg Berlanti)
  61. Life, Above All (Director: Oliver Schmitz)
  62. Lifted (Director: Lexi Alexander)
  63. Light Of My Eyes (Director: Wael Ihsan)
  64. Little Big Soldier (Director: Ding Sheng)
  65. Little Fockers (Director: Paul Weitz)
  66. Lottery Ticket (Director: Erik White)
  67. Loving The Bad Man (Director: Péter Engert)
  68. Mooz-Lum (Director: Qasim Basir)
  69. Morning Glory (Director: Roger Michell)
  70. Mucha (Director: Berenika Maciejewicz)
  71. My Girlfriend’s Back (Director: Steven Ayromlooi)
  72. My Name Is Khan (Director: Karan Johar)
  73. My Own Love Song (Director: Olivier Dahan)
  74. Na izmene (Director: Aleksandr Atanesyan)
  75. No eres tú, soy yo (Director: Alejandro Springall)
  76. Of Gods And Men (Director: Xavier Beauvois)
  77. Our Family Wedding (Director: Rick Famuyiwa)
  78. Peacock (Director: Michael Lander)
  79. Phoonk II (Director: Milind Gadagkar)
  80. Preacher’s Kid (Director: Stan Foster)
  81. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (Director: Mike Newell)
  82. RED (Director: Robert Schwentke)
  83. Rabbit Hole (Director: John Cameron Mitchell)
  84. Redemption Road (Director: Mario Van Peebles)
  85. Remember Me (Director: Allen Coulter)
  86. Robin Hood (Director: Ridley Scott)
  87. Salt (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  88. Sarah’s Key (Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner)
  89. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Director: Edgar Wright)
  90. Sheriff Of Contention (Director: Tom O’Mary)
  91. Skateland (Director: Anthony Burns)
  92. Skyline (Directors: Colin Strause + Greg Strause)
  93. Step Away From The Stone (Director: Bob Hooper)
  94. Step Up 3D (Director: Jon M. Chu)
  95. Stomp The Yard II: Homecoming (Director: Rob Hardy)
  96. Street Corner Sympathy (Director: Andrew C. Matthews)
  97. StreetDance 3D (Directors: Max Giwa + Dania Pasquini)
  98. Super Hybrid (Director: Eric Valette)
  99. Takers (Director: John Luessenhop)
  100. The A-Team (Director: Joe Carnahan)
  101. The Back-Up Plan (Director: Alan Poul)
  102. The Bounty Hunter (Director: Andy Tennant)
  103. The Butcher, the Chef, and the Swordsman (Director: Wuershan)
  104. The Chosen One (Director: Rob Schneider)
  105. The Conspirator (Director: Robert Redford)
  106. The Estates (Director: T.J. Yoshizaki)
  107. The First Grader (Director: Justin Chadwick)
  108. The Ghost Writer (Director: Roman Polanski)
  109. The Grace Card (Director: David G. Evans)
  110. The Hammer (Director: Oren Kaplan)
  111. The Incubus (Directors: Marcie Gorman + Shayne Leighton)
  112. The Last Exorcism (Director: Daniel Stamm)
  113. The Last Godfather (Director: Hyung-rae Shim)
  114. The Losers (Director: Sylvain White)
  115. The Magnificent Dead (Director: Shane Scott)
  116. The Mitchell Tapes (Director: Thomas S. Nicol)
  117. The Next Three Days (Director: Paul Haggis)
  118. The Presence (Director: Tom Provost)
  119. The Rally (Director: Rick Reyna)
  120. The Righteous And The Wicked (Director: Craig A. BButler)
  121. The River Why (Director: Matthew Leutwyler)
  122. The Road To Freedom (Director: Brendan Moriarty)
  123. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams Of Duncan Christopher (DIrectro: Justin S. Monroe)
  124. The Romantics (Director: Galt Niederhoffer)
  125. The Social Network (Director: David Fincher)
  126. The Switch (Directors: Josh Gordon + Will Speck)
  127. The Tempest (Director: Julie Taymor)
  128. The Tourist (Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)
  129. The Trial (Director: Gary Wheeler)
  130. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Director: David Slade)
  131. The Way (Director: Emilio Estevez)
  132. The Way (Director: Barry Shay)
  133. The Way Back (Director: Peter Weir)
  134. Theft By Deception (Director: David Dietrich)
  135. Time Machine (Director: Mickey Reece)
  136. Trapped: Haitian Nights (Director: Jean-Claude La Marre)
  137. Trollhunter (Director: André Øvredal)
  138. True Grit (Director: Joel Coen)
  139. Unstoppable (Director: Tony Scott)
  140. Valentine’s Day (Director: Garry Marshall)
  141. Vampires Suck (Director: Jason Friedberg + Aaron Seltzer)
  142. Vigilante: The Hayward Brown Story (Director: Sean Spoatcoat Brown)
  143. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (Director: Gautham Menon)
  144. Waiting For Forever (Director: James Keach)
  145. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Director: Oliver Stone)
  146. Ways To Live Forever (Director: Gustavo Ron)
  147. When In Rome (Director: Mark Steven Johnson)
  148. Why Did I Get Married Too? (Director: Tyler Perry)
  149. Wild Target (Director: Jonathan Lynn)
  150. Wushu Warrior (Director: Alain Desrochers)
  151. Ye Maaya Chesave (Director: Gautham Menon)
  1. 127 Hours (Director: Danny Boyle)
  2. 13 (Director: Géla Babluani)
  3. 13 Assassins (Director: Takashi Miike)
  4. 14 Blades (Director: Daniel Lee)
  5. 15 Till Midnight (Director: Wolfgang Meyer)
  6. 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams (Director: Tim Sullivan)
  7. 3 Backyards (Director: Eric Mendelsohn)
  8. 6 Souls (Directors: Måns Mårlind + Björn Stein)
  9. A Beginner’s Guide To Endings (Directors: Jonathan Sobol)
  10. A Better Tomorrow (Director: Hae-sung Song)
  11. A Horrible Way To Die (Director: Adam Wingard)
  12. A Little Help (Director: Michael J. Weithorn)
  13. A Nightmare On Elm Street (Director: Samuel Bayer)
  14. A River Of Skulls (Director: Suza Lambert Bowser)
  15. A Very Close Encounter (Director: Esmaeil Mihandoost)
  16. Abelar: Tales Of An Ancient Empire (Director: Albert Pyun)
  17. Acts Of Violence (Director: Il Lim)
  18. Adjusting Honor (Director: Jeff Solema)
  19. Airmen (Director: Mickey Reece)
  20. All Good Things (Director: Andrew Jarecki)
  21. Altitude (Director: Kaare Andrews)
  22. Am I Alone? (Director: B.E. Rogstad)
  23. American Scream King (Director: Joel Paul Reisig)
  24. Amigo (Director: John Sayles)
  25. Amphibious Creature Of The Deep (Director: Brian Yuzna)
  26. And Soon The Darkness (Director: Marcos Efron)
  27. Anderson’s Cross (Director: Jerome Elston Scott)
  28. Angel Of Evil (Director: Michele Placido)
  29. Animal Kingdom (Director: David Michôd)
  30. As Good As Dead (Director: Jonathan Mossek)
  31. Atrocious (Director: Fernando Barreda Luna)
  32. BKO: Bangkok Knockout (Director: Panna Rittikrai)
  33. Baby Mama’s Club (Director: Joseph L. Stovall)
  34. Barney’s Version (Director: Richard J. Lewis)
  35. Barry Munday (Director: Chris D’Arienzo)
  36. Bear (Director: Roel Reiné)
  37. Beatdown (Director: Mike Gunther)
  38. Beautiful Boy (Director: Shawn Ku)
  39. Beginners (Director: Mike Mills)
  40. Beneath Hill 60 (Director: Jeremy Sims)
  41. Beneath The Dark (Director: Chad Feehan)
  42. Bereavement (Director: Stevan Mena)
  43. Beyond The Black Rainbow (Director: Panos Cosmatos)
  44. Big Money Rustlas (Director: Paul Andresen)
  45. Biutiful (Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu)
  46. Black Death (Director: Christopher Smith)
  47. Black Limousine (Director: Carl Colpaert)
  48. Black Swan (Director: Darren Aronofsky)
  49. Blades Of Blood (Director: Joon-ik Lee)
  50. Blame (Director: Michael Henry)
  51. Bloodworth (Director: Shane Dax Taylor)
  52. Blue Valentine (Director: Derek Cianfrance)
  53. Bold Native (Director: Denis Henry Hennelly)
  54. Born To Raise Hell (Director: Lauro Chartrand)
  55. Boy Wonder (Director: Michael Morrissey)
  56. Breaking The Fall (Director: David Metzger)
  57. Brighton Rock (Director: Rowan Joffe)
  58. Brotherhood (Director: Will Canon)
  59. Bunraku (Director: Guy Moshe)
  60. Buried (Director: Rodrigo Cortés)
  61. Burke And Hare (Director: John Landis)
  62. Burning Palms (Director: Christopher Landon)
  63. Ca$h (Director: Stephen Milburn Anderson)
  64. Caged Animal (Wrath Of Cain) (Director: Ryan Combs)
  65. Camp Hell (Director: George VanBuskirk)
  66. Cartel War (Directors: Jack Lucarelli + Troy Price)
  67. Casino Jack (Director: George Hickenlooper)
  68. Caught Inside (Director: Adam Blaiklock)
  69. Caught In The Crossfire (Director: Brian A. Miller)
  70. Cemetery Junction (Directors: Ricky Gervais + Stephen Merchant)
  71. Centurion (Director: Neil Marshall)
  72. Ceremony (Director: Max Winkler)
  73. Champion Road: Arena (Director: R.L. Scott)
  74. Chatroom (Director: Hideo Nakata)
  75. Cherry (Director: Jeffrey Fine)
  76. Cielito lindo (Directors: Alejandro Alcondez + Rodrigo Patino)
  77. Circus Maximus (Director: Thomas J. La Sorsa)
  78. Code Blue (Director: Arthur Alston)
  79. Consinsual (Director: Paul D. Hannah)
  80. Conviction (Director: Tony Goldwyn)
  81. Cop Out (Director: Kevin Smith)
  82. Cost Of A Soul (Director: Sean Kirkpatrick)
  83. Costa Rican Summer (Director: Jason Matthews)
  84. Cupid’s Arrow (Director: Daniel Peterson)
  85. Cyrus (Directors: Jay Duplass + Mark Duplass)
  86. Dark Crossing (Director: Damian Chapa)
  87. Darnell Dawkins: Mouth Guitar Legend) (Director: Clayne Crawford)
  88. Daydream Nation (Director: Michael Goldbach)
  89. Dead Awake (Director: Omar Naim)
  90. Deadly Closure (Director: Andrzej Mrotek)
  91. Deadly Impact (Director: Robert Kurtzman)
  92. Dear Mr. Gacy (Director: Svetozar Ristovski)
  93. DearGod (Director: Robert Anderson)
  94. Death Calls (Directors: Ken Del Conte + Hector Echavarria)
  95. Death At A Funeral (Director: Neil LaBute)
  96. Dirty Girl (Director: Abe Sylvia)
  97. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (Director: Troy Nixey)
  98. Dreamkiller (Director: Catherine C. Pirotta)
  99. Drones (Directors: Amber Benson + Adam Busch)
  100. Due Date (Director: Todd Phillips)
  101. Easy Money (Director: Daniel Espinosa)
  102. Edge Of Darkness (Director: Martin Campbell)
  103. Egg Nog (Director: Brandon Robinson)
  104. Elektra Luxx (Director: Sebastian Gutierrez)
  105. Endure (Director: Joe O’Brien)
  106. Enemies Among Us (Director: Dan Garcia)
  107. Every Day (Director: Richard Levine)
  108. Everyday Black Man (Director: Carmen Madden)
  109. Everything Must Go (Director: Dan Rush)
  110. F (Expelled) (Director: Johannes Roberts)
  111. Failing Better Now (Director: Keren Atzmon)
  112. Faster (Director: George Tillman, Jr.)
  113. Fighting Angels: Exodus (Director: Eric Vence Gfreen)
  114. Fire Of Conscience (Director: Dante Lam)
  115. Flying Lessons (Director: Derek Magyar)
  116. Footsteps (Director: Gavin James)
  117. For Colored Girls (Director: Tyler Perry)
  118. Four Lions (Director: Christopher Morris)
  119. Frankie + Alice (Director: Geoffrey Sax)
  120. Freeway Killer (Director: John Murlowski)
  121. From Paris With Love (Director Pierre Morel)
  122. Frozen (Director: Adam Green)
  123. Fubar: Balls To The Wall (Director: Michael Dowse)
  124. Gangster Exchange (Director: Dean Bajramovic)
  125. Get Him To The Greek (Director: Nicholas Stoller)
  126. Ghetto Physics (Directors: William Arntz + E. Raymond Brown)
  127. Going The Distance (Director: Nanette Burstein)
  128. Good Neighbors (Director: Jacob Teirney)
  129. Green Zone (Director: Paul Greengrass)
  130. Greenberg (Director: Noah Baumbach)
  131. Gun (Director: Jessy Terrero)
  132. Happy, Happy (Director: Anne Sewitsky)
  133. Happythankyoumoreplease (Director: Josh Radnor)
  134. Hard Breakers (Director: Leah Sturgis)
  135. Harvest (Director: Marc Meyers)
  136. Hatchet II (Director: Adam Green)
  137. Henry’s Crime (Director: Malcolm Venville)
  138. Hesher (Director: Spencer Susser)
  139. High School (Director: John Stalberg, Jr.)
  140. Hitler’s Grave (Director: Daryush Shokof)
  141. Holy Rollers (Director: Kevin Asch)
  142. Hot Tub Time Machine (Director: Steve Pink)
  143. House Under Siege (Director: Mark Hazen Kelly)
  144. How To Make Love To A Woman (Director: Scott Culver)
  145. Howl (Directors: Rob Epstein + Jeffrey Friedman)
  146. Hunt To Kill (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  147. I Spit On Your Grave (Director: Steven R. Monroe)
  148. I’m Not Jesus, Mommy (Director: Vaughn Juares)
  149. I’m Not Like That No More (Director: Christian Sesma)
  150. I’m Still Here (Director: Casey Affleck)
  151. Illegal (Director: Ric DuPont)
  152. Immigration Tango (Director: David Burton Morris)
  153. In A Better World (Director: Susanne Bier)
  154. Incendies (Director: Denis Villeneuve)
  155. Indelible (Director: Brian Lynch)
  156. Inhale (Director: Baltasar Kormákur)
  157. Ip Man II (Director: Wilson Yip)
  158. Iran Zendan (Director: Daryush Shokof)
  159. Irreversi (Director: Michael Gleissner)
  160. Jack Goes Boating (Director: Philip Seymour Hoffman)
  161. Jackers (Director: David Betances)
  162. Junkyard Dog (Director: Kim Bass)
  163. Kalamity (Director: James M. Hausler)
  164. Karma Road (Director: Mihir Pathak)
  165. Kick-Ass (Director: Matthew Vaughn)
  166. Kill Katie Malone (Director: Carlos Ramos, Jr.)
  167. Kill Speed (Director: Kim Bass)
  168. Killer Hoo-Ha! (Director: Sean Pomper)
  169. King Of Triads (Director: Dennis Law)
  170. King Of The Avenue (Director: Ryan Combs)
  171. Klown (Director: Mikkel Nørgaard)
  172. Last Kung Fu Monk (Director: Peng Zhang Li)
  173. Last Night (Director: Massy Tadjedin)
  174. Legacy: Black Ops (Director: Thomas Eromose Ikimi)
  175. Legend Of the Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen (Director: Wai-Keung Lau)
  176. Legion (Director: Scott Stewart)
  177. Let Me In (Director: Matt Reeves)
  178. Living Will... (Director: Matthew Lauyer)
  179. Locked Down (Director: Daniel Zirilli)
  180. Locked In (Director: Suri Krishnamma)
  181. London Boulevard (Director: William Monahan)
  182. Louis (Director: Dan Pritzker)
  183. Love & Other Drugs (Director: Edward Zwick)
  184. Love Ranch (Director: Taylor Hackford)
  185. Luster (Director: Adam Mason)
  186. MacGruber (Director: Jorma Taccone)
  187. Machete (Directors: Ethan Maniquis + Robert Rodriguez)
  188. Machete Joe (Director: Sasha Krane)
  189. Made In Dagenham (Director: Nigel Cole)
  190. Meet Monica Velour (Director: Keith Bearden)
  191. Mercy (Director: Coier Amerson)
  192. Meskada (Director: Josh Sternfeld)
  193. Miral (Director: Julian Schnabel)
  194. Miss Nobody (Director: Abram Cox)
  195. Mob Rules (Director: Keith Parmer)
  196. Monsters (Director: Gareth Edwards)
  197. Morning (Director: Leland Orser)
  198. Mother’s Day (Director: Darren Lynn Bousman)
  199. Multiple Sarcasms (Director: Brooks Branch)
  200. My Soul To Take (Director: Wes Craven)
  201. N-Secure (Director: David M. Matthews)
  202. Needle (Director: John V. Soto)
  203. Neowolf (Director: Yvan Gauthier)
  204. Never Let Me Go (Director: Mark Romanek)
  205. Night Catches Us (Director: Tanya Hamilton)
  206. Night Wolf (Director: Jonathan Glendening)
  207. Nine Dead (Director: Chris Shadley)
  208. No Body Found (Directors: Angela Lyons + Angela Rollo)
  209. No Leaf Clover (Director: Andrei Sporea)
  210. Norman (Director: Jonathan Segal)
  211. Once Fallen (Director: Ash Adams)
  212. Ong-bak III (Directors: Tony Jaa + Panna Rittkrai)
  213. Open House (Director: Andrew Paquin)
  214. Operation: Endgame (Director: Fouad Mikati)
  215. Oranges And Sunshine (Director: Jim Loach)
  216. Order Of Chaos (Director: Vince Vieluf)
  217. Outcast (Director: Colm McCarthy)
  218. Outrage (Director: Takeshi Kitano)
  219. Paranormal Activity II (Director: Tod Williams)
  220. Passion Play (Director: Mitch Glazer)
  221. Peep World (Director: Barry W. Blaustein
  222. Perfect Combination (Director: Trey Haley)
  223. Perfect Life (Director: Josef Rusnak
  224. Perfect Sunday (Director: Demetrius Navarro)
  225. Phase 7 (Director: Nicolás Goldbart)
  226. Pickin’ & Grinnin (Director: Jon Gries
  227. Piranha 3D (Director: Alexandre Aja)
  228. Placebo (Director: Nick Slatkin)
  229. Please Give (Director: Nicole Holofcener)
  230. Point Blank (Director: Fred Cavayé)
  231. Porters: Two Men And A Sex Doll (Director: Justin Arredondo)
  232. Potiche (Director: François Ozon)
  233. Predators (Director: Nimród Antalj)
  234. Prowl (Director: Patrik Syversen)
  235. Psych:9 (Director: Andrew Shortell)
  236. Psychic Experiment (Director: Mel House)
  237. Psychosis (Director: Reg Traviss)
  238. Queen Of The Lost (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  239. Radio Free Albemuth (Director: John Alan Simon)
  240. Rammbock (Director: Marvin Kren)
  241. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (Director: Jalmari Helander)
  242. Raven (Director: Gregori J. Martin)
  243. Red Hill (Director: Patrick Hughes)
  244. Redlight Greenlight (Director: Sean Simpson)
  245. Reign Of Assassins (Director: Chao-Bin Su)
  246. Release (Directors: Darren Flaxstone + Christian Martin)
  247. Removal (Director: Nick Simon)
  248. Repo Men (Director: Miguel Sapochnik)
  249. Resident Evil: Afterlife (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson)
  250. Respire (Director: David A. Cross)
  251. Road Kill (Director: Dean Francis)
  252. Road To Nowhere (Director: Monte Hellman)
  253. Rocksteady (Director: Mustapha Khan)
  254. Rubber (Director: Quentin Dupieux)
  255. Sacrifice (Director: Kaige Chen)
  256. Saigo no Chûshingura (Director: Shigemichi Sugita)
  257. Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (Director: Kevin Greutert)
  258. Scorpio Men On Prozac (Director: Rand Marsh)
  259. Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story (Director: Tommy Reid)
  260. Sedona’s Rule (Director: Josh Gillick)
  261. Seducing Charlie Baker (Director: Amy Glazer)
  262. Sex Tax: Based On A True Story (Director: John Borges)
  263. Sex And The City II (Director: Michael Patrick King)
  264. Señora Maestra (Director: Ricardo Perez-Roulet)
  265. Shadows & Lies (Director: Jay Anania)
  266. Shanghai (Director: Mikael Håfström)
  267. Shanghai Blue (Director: Oscar L. Costo)
  268. She’s Out Of My League (Director: Jim Field Smith)
  269. Shinigami: Analysis (Director: Justin Burgess)
  270. Shoot The Hero (Director: Christian Sesma)
  271. Shut Up And Kiss Me (Director: Devin Hamilton)
  272. Shutter Island (Director: Martin Scorsese)
  273. Sinners And Saints (Director: William Kaufman)
  274. Siren (Director: Andrew Hull)
  275. Six Shooters (Director: Fernando Spiner)
  276. Small Town Murder Songs (Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly)
  277. Small Town Saturday Night (Director: Ryan Craig)
  278. Something Better Somewhere Else (Director: Ron Lazzeretti)
  279. Something Like A Business (Director: Russ Parr)
  280. Somewhere (Director: Sofia Coppola)
  281. Sound Of Noise (Directors: Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson)
  282. Special Ops (Director: Tom Shell)
  283. Speed-Dating (Director: Joseph A. Elmore, Jr.)
  284. Stake Land (Director: Jim Mickle)
  285. Stay Single (Director: Peter Macaluso)
  286. Stiffs (Director: Frank Ciota)
  287. Stone (Director: John Curran)
  288. Straight To Hell (Director: Alex Cox)
  289. Street Poet (Director: E. Paul Edwards)
  290. Submarine (Director: Richard Ayoade)
  291. Suicide Girls Must Die! (Director: Sarah Remetch)
  292. Super (Director: James Gunn)
  293. Supreme Champion (Directors: Ted Fox + Richard Styles)
  294. Sympathy For Delicious (Director: Mark Ruffalo)
  295. Tamara Drewe (Director: Stephen Frears)
  296. Tekken (Director: Dwight H. Little)
  297. Terror Trap (Director: Dan Garcia)
  298. The Accursed (Director: Adrián García Bogliano + Ramiro García Bogliano)
  299. The Agency: Pursuit Of The Ares Virus
  300. The Alien Girl (Director: Anton Bormatov)
  301. The American (Director: Anton Corbijn)
  302. The Assault (Director: Julien Leclercq)
  303. The Bang Bang Club (Director: Steven Silver)
  304. The Beekeepers (Director: Bryant Mainord)
  305. The Best And The Brightest (Director: Josh Shelov)
  306. The Big Bang (Director: Tony Krantz)
  307. The Big I Am (Director: Nic Auerbach)
  308. The Big Sleaze (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  309. The Book Of Eli (Director: Albert Hughes + Allen Hughes)
  310. The Brazen Bull (Director: Douglas Elford-Argent)
  311. The Chameleon (Director: Jean-Paul Salomé)
  312. The Child’s Eye (Directors: Danny Pang + Oxide Chun Pang)
  313. The Clinic (Director: James Rabbitts)
  314. The Company Men (Director: John Wells)
  315. The Con Artist (Director: Risa Bramon Garcia)
  316. The Crazies (Director: Breck Eisner)
  317. The Dead (Directors: Howard J. Ford + Jonathan Ford)
  318. The Dead Undead (Directors Matthew R. Anderson + Edward Conna)
  319. The Debt (Director: John Madden)
  320. The Dry Land (Director: Ryan Piers Williams)
  321. The Expendables (Director: Sylvester Stallone)
  322. The Experiment (Director: Paul Scheuring)
  323. The Extra Man (Directors: Shari Springer Berman + Robert Pulcini)
  324. The Fighter (Director: David O. Russell)
  325. The Final (Director: Joey Stewart)
  326. The Final Storm (Director: Uwe Boll)
  327. The Freebie (Director: Katie Aselton)
  328. The Heavy (Director: Marcus Warren)
  329. The Hooker With A Heart Of Gold (Director: Brad Jones)
  330. The Kane Files: Life Of Trial (Director: Benjamin Gourley)
  331. The Kids Are All Right (Director: Lisa Cholodenko)
  332. The Killer Inside Me (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  333. The Killing Jar (Director: Mark Young)
  334. The Killing Machine (Director: Dolph Lundgren)
  335. The King’s Speech (Director: Tom Hooper)
  336. The Last Circus (Director: Álex de la Iglesia)
  337. The Last Rites Of Ransom Pride (Director: Tiller Russell)
  338. The Lazarus Papers (Director: Jeremiah Hundley)
  339. The Locksmith (Directors: Brad Barnes + Todd Barnes)
  340. The Man From Nowhere (Director: Jeong-beom Lee)
  341. The Maze (Director: Stephen Shimek)
  342. The Mulberry Tree (Director: Mark Heller)
  343. The Names Of Love (Director: Michel Leclerc)
  344. The Opium Eater (Director: David Bertelsen)
  345. The Other Guys (Director: Adam McKay)
  346. The Pack (Director: Franck Richard)
  347. The Penthouse (Director: Chris Levitus)
  348. The Perfect Host (Director: Nick Tomnay)
  349. The Reeds (Director: Nick Cohen)
  350. The Reef (Director: Andrew Traucki)
  351. The Rig (Director: Peter Atencio)
  352. The Runaways (Director: Floria Sigismondi)
  353. The Sylvian Experiments (Director: Hiroshi Takahashi)
  354. The Town (Director: Ben Affleck)
  355. The Traveler (Director: Michael Oblowitz)
  356. The Trouble With Terkel (Directors: Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Stefan Fjeldmark + Randolph Kret)
  357. The Violent Kind (Directors: Mitchell Altieri + Phil Flores)
  358. The Virginity Hit (Directors: Huck Botko + Andrew Gurland)
  359. The Ward (Director: John Carpenter)
  360. The Warrior’s Way (Director: Sngmoo Lee)
  361. The Whistleblower (Director: Larysa Kondracki)
  362. The Wolfman (Director: Joe Johnston)
  363. The Yellow Sea (Director: Hong-jin Na)
  364. Tomorrow, When The War Began (Director: Stuart Beattie)
  365. Tracker (Director: Ian Sharp)
  366. Trance (Director: Hans Rodionoff)
  367. Transparency (Director: Raul Inglis)
  368. Triple Dog (Director: Pascal Franchot)
  369. True Legend (Director: Woo-Ping Yuen)
  370. Trust (Director: David Schwimmer)
  371. Tucker And Dale vs. Evil (Director: Eli Craig)
  372. Twelve (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  373. Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie ((Director: Martyn Pick)
  374. Undisputed III: Redemption (Director: Isaac Florentine)
  375. Unrivaled (Director: Warren P. Sonoda)
  376. Unthinkable (Director: Gregor Jordan)
  377. Vanishing On 7th Street (Director: Brad Anderson)
  378. Venus & Vegas (Director: Demian Lichtenstein)
  379. Virginia (Director: Dustin Lance Black)
  380. Virus X (Director: Ryan Stevens Harris)
  381. Viva Riva! (Director: Djo Munga)
  382. Waking Madison (Director: Katherine Brooks)
  383. Waldo The Dog (Director: Kris Canonizado)
  384. Wasted On The Young (Director: Ben C. Lucas)
  385. Welcome To The Rileys (Director: Jake Scott)
  386. Westbrick Murders (Director: Shaun Rana)
  387. White Irish Drinkers (Director: John Gray)
  388. Wigger (Director: Omowale Akintunde)
  389. Win/Win (Director: Jaap van Heusden)
  390. Winter’s Bone (Director: Debra Granik)
  391. Wreckage (Director: John Asher)
  392. Wrecked (Director: Michael Greenspan)
  393. YellowBrickRoad (Directors: Jesse Holland + Andy Mitton)
  394. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger (Director: Woody Allen)
  1. A Serbian Film (Director: Srdjan Spasojevic)
  2. Burn Out The Day (Directors: Sean Bohary + Cinqué Lee)
  3. El Narco (Director: Luis Estrada)
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MAFIA FIX (The Destroyer) Reviewed

Not smitten with this early one from May 1972. The fourth book published, it's a step forward in the development of the ongoing characters, and it has some amusing one-liners ("Wouldn't that turn America into a nation of drug-users?" answered by "As opposed to?") and a few chilling moments. But MAFIA FIX also has a threat that's rather mundane for the Destroyer, too many secondary characters that don't go anywhere, some satirical shots that misfire, and an oddly ineffective spoof of three classic adventure heroes. So I'd have to say it's near the bottom on my list of the first few years of this series.
A humongous load of heroin has arrived in America, fifty tons of ninety-eight per cent pure stuff. Reportedly, this is a six-year supply turning up all at once; the idea is that the mob will flood the country with the drug at a cheap price, then demand more for it once millions get good and hooked. Corruption and inefficiency in the DEA and FBI and other agencies means that our country's only hope is with a supersecret and completely illegal organization known to only four men -- its director, the sitting President, and two hired assassins.
This is CURE of course, created to save the Constitution by breaking its laws. Its enforcement arm consists of a single man, a New Jersey police officer whose death was faked and who was taught a devastating martial arts by an elderly Korean. (Remo Williams and Chiun are just beginning to grow into the characterizations we will later know and love.)
CURE's first and only director is Dr Harold Smith, the strictly disciplined, sour-faced cheapskate with high ideals. Smith (not yet called Smitty by the still-bitter and resentful Remo) has a personal stake in this heroin-busting operation. His own daughter is an addict, going cold turkey at the moment on a farm in Vermont. Personally, I thought this attempt to lend some pathos and emotional involvement from Smith doesn't work; we don't meet the daughter, didn't know her beforehand and have no particular attachment to her. The only effect her addiction has on the story is that Smith actually says "please" twice to Remo. The Destroyer goes undercover (in the most transparent way) as a writer for a magazine. His technique for investigating is to confront various mobsters and police officials, and then openly ask them about the heroin. The idea is that he will then get information from the hit men sent to quiet him. So most of the book consists of Remo wandering around, insulting and being offensive to everyone, casually killing people and also having marathon sex sessions with the mayor's daughter. After enough pages have been filled, he confronts the real mastermind giving orders to the gangsters, and this surprise villain follows the formula quite often used in the early books.
The book uses straightforward Mafiosi as its villains, with Don Dominick Verillio and his crime family carrying the action. They're the whole traditional package -- Sicilian, church-going, hand-kissing, cold-blooded murderers. This is at the same time that Mack Bolan was ripping into them in his own immensely popular paperback series (and I imagine the publishers at Pinnacle were pushing Sapir and Murphy to be more like the successful Executioner premise). You can get equal mileage from Mafia and Nazis -- they're useful bad guys to use as cannon fodder -- but the Destroyer books work better with more imaginative and borderline whacky menaces like Mr Gordons, Sheila the Tiger Woman or Arieson.
Remo Williams at this point is an intriguing if not fully realized character. He has not yet gone over entirely to Sinanju himself. The new Destroyer is still a wiseguy from Jersey, blunt and crude and angry about this new dark life he was shanghaied into leading. (When a cop who knew him "in life" starts to recognize him, Remo immediately kills him before he can speak his name; and this troubles him the rest of the book.)
At this point, the mythology of Sinanju as the awesome source of all martial arts is still being worked out. If you had only read the later books, you might be surprised to see Remo break training by having a cigarette (he intends to pick up some chewing gum to hide the smell). And it's downright bizarre that he phones Chiun and asks him to make lobster with wine sauce for dinner...! The strict duck and rice and water regimen would not come along for a little while. (I often think that this restricted diet and lack of enjoyment in sex after the training reaches a certain point helps to keep Remo from being TOO smug. His powers come with a high price, and the reader who has a nice dinner with his wife and later slips into bed with her may feel that he wouldn't necessarily give all that up to be able to run up walls and dodge bullets.)
Here is where Chiun starts to get into watching soap operas, where Remo first recites the lines from the BHAGAVAD GITA that become his personal mantra and which give him added power at crucial moments . And we learn that CURE did try twice to repeat using the drug that puts a man in a deathlike coma so that they could fake his executions and get possible replacements for this loose cannon Remo. Both times the men died for real. The implication is that something odd and inexplicable is going on below the surface with the Destroyer. Even Smitty is beginning to wonder about Chiun's babbling "about Oriental gods taking the bodies of dead people and seeking revenge on evildoers."
There's a very neat running gag about a new technique called the floater stroke, and the danger if it misses its target. Sure enough, at a critical moment, the intended victim faints from fright (thereby accidentally learning a great secret of martial arts, that simply collapsing is the fastest method of getting out of the way) and the force of the floater turns back. Remo passes out as his arm dislocates. Later on, Remo and Chiun became so powerful that they could easily take out most of the Justice League, but I like the early books where their techniques were creative elaborations of actual martial arts and carried a certain element of risk.
Three guest stars turn up at the end. Worried and annoyed that the US hasn't been able to stop the impending drug epidemic, top agents are sent here from Great Britain, France and Japan. These are obvious parodies of James Bond, Hercule Poirot and Mr Moto. Spoofs like these work best when there's a certain amount of affection and respect shown for the originas, with some exaggeration of their qualities. No such luck here. The three visitors are shown as useless and foolish, but it is revealing that they do immediately turn up right at the secret drug processing plant that Remo took the whole book to locate. And it's interesting that (for once) the Destroyer pulls his punches and just leaves them unconscious when he normally kills everyone who annoys him beyond a certain point.
The guest star who gets the most time on stage is a British agent, "an enormously fat man who looked like Hoagy Carmichael after six months of forced feeding." The Hoagy reference is of course Vesper Lynds' description of Bond in Fleming's CASINO ROYALE. As for the odd notion of 007 being grossly overweight, I guess it might have something to do with the film DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, still fresh in moviegoers' minds in 1972. Sean Connery had noticeably put on weight by that time, although it's inaccurate to call him obese by any reasonable standard.
The British spy fools around with the latches on his trick attache case while Remo punches out the surrogate Hercule Poirot ("a round little man with a head like an egg and a twisty little mustache") and Mr Moto ("a silly looking Oriental with thick eyeglasses", apparently a Peter Lorre reference). Then the Englishman manages to shoot himself in the foot and still grab credit for shutting down the drug factory after Remo leaves. Sapir and Murphy were often very funny and quotable ("The difference between a democracy and a dictatotship, he thought, is that thieves tend to rotate more in a democracy..") but this snark at famous fictional spies falls limp and is neither incisive nor amusing.
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[Table] IAmA: I am Jason Mercier, Team Pokerstars Pro, AMA!

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Date: 2014-01-24
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Questions Answers
What has been the luckiest moment in your career? Thanks! With 90 players left in EPT San Remo in 2008, I got JJ in against Roland De Wolfe's QQ... on a T 7 3 flop. I hit a jack on the river and went on to win the tournament for 1.4 million $
1) How long were you playing poker before you decided: "I'm going to do this for a living"? What would you consider the turning point (in terms of poker ability, a significant cash, etc) that pushed you toward doing this professionally? I was playing for about 2 and a half years while going to school and working part time jobs, before I realized I was going to make a living solely from poker. The turning point was when I decided to go for supernova elite on Pokerstars in 2007.
What portion of the cash that you play with is actually yours? It's almost always all mine. I sell action to the 100k+ tournaments thought.
Why do you mostly play tournaments instead of cash? Isn't the variance terrible? I play both, you just don't hear about the cash games all the time. The variance is insane for both.
What is the worst bad beat of your career? KK into Antonio's AA with 19 left in the One Drop where first place was 18 million dollars. I was third in chips he was second. #showers.
Jason how do i win flips? Focus really hard, I mean really really really hard lol.
Are there any well-known poker pros out there who have obvious tells they aren't aware of? Yes, and I'm not going to name names obv :)
Do you think that online poker will come back to the States entirely? Eventually yes... I hope.
Is there a moment in your career that stands out as the biggest poker mistake you've ever made? I can't think of a huge mistake that I regret, I try to focus on the positive aspects of my career!
Hey Jason, do you think it would be possible for a live grinder to grind in today's games with 2k starting at 1/2$ to like 75k in a year eventually moving up when the bankroll allows it? If they are a good player than yes, but I can't imagine why a good player would only have 2k
When Vanessa Selbst did an AMA, she went into some detail on a hand she played on High Stakes where she stacked off to an amateur's set with her queens, her point being that the hand was one that she looked back on and cringed about, knowing that it was broadcast on tv. So, is there any tv hand (ept, big game, high stakes) that you feel that you truly misplayed and can't bear to look back on? Actually there's a hand against Justin Bonomo that I played on the big game in which I had AxJd and check shoved the river as a bluff. Makes me cringe a little- although, I'm not sure it was such a bad play :)
What would you say the single most important piece of advice you could give poker players just starting to really learn the game? You can only get better but playing, and through experience. there's only so much studying you can do, you have to play.
What's the best comp you've ever received from a casino? Lotta buffet tickets :)
Honestly, I can't recall the best
Do you treat poker like a job all the time now or do you still have the occasional beer and pretzel game with your buddies? I had to stop doing that a long time ago. I spend so much of my time playing poker at the highest level that when I'm not doing so, I want to do something other than poker.
So what do you do for fun now with your buddies if not poker? Boating, eating, sports, beach
How many hours did you dedicate to poker when you started? My life
IS LIV SHAVED? HAVE YOU EVER HAD MORE THAN 4% OF YOURSELF IN A SHR? Do u want me to say yes? because I've obviously had more than 4% of myself
Can you share some pics/vids of your boat? What are your thoughts on Phil Helmuth? Follow me on Instagram for boat pics : realJasonMercier.
Hi -I am very curious about what a typical week looks like for a poker pro (in terms of hours)? For example 60 hours spent playing poker, 40 hours spent analyzing, xx spent sleeping, xx recreation. Depends on the player. I spend weeks playing 0 hours and other weeks playing 100.
So, do you play golf ? And if yes, what's your handicap ? And if it's low, are you better then Ivey ? Cheers from iceland. Only played a few times, I'm awful.
When was the definitive moment when you decided you wanted to go Pro and what impact did it have on your life (besides the obvious)and the impact of the life of others around you? A few months into 2007 I was well on pace to achieving Supernova Elite status on Pokerstars, which meant I would make a nice chunk of money throughout the year.
At that point, it didn't impact much, I was playing online basically working a desk job. Once I started travelling a lot for poker though, my life changed dramatically.
What do the Dolphins need to do in order to become a contender in the AFC East again? They started the offseason off pretty right with a few firings!
What is the biggest cash pot you have won? 660k
What is the most bat-shit insane play you've ever seen made at a poker table? Wish I could remember one specific one... I've seen so many lol.
What are the perks of being a pokerstars pro? I get my face as my avatar :)
I tend to blush at the drop of a hat..as a pro poker player how do you generally read someone whose face turns red? Lol ummm if there face is turning red a lot, I probably will be able to tell what kind of hand they have. :P.
How much of a financial hit did you take with your bracelet bets this past WSOP? 6 figures. don't want to say
Sweet... big fan, always love watching ept live when u final table. a few questions. Sorry only 2 questions per person! :)
Seems like you were crazy info OFC before, but seems like to don't play as much, or at least not tweet about it? Took a nice break but ready to get back in the mix.
After our brief pineapple session at PCA, Vlad said your ofc bumhunting wouldn't stand in Moscow. Was he referring to himself or me? Lol I'm not sure bud... I think he meant hit and running.
Language barrier.
Who is the player you least enjoy playing against purely from a personality/body odouall-round douchebag point of view? I don't exactly call out my enemies on public forums
Is your last name pronounced Mer-Sear or Mercy-A? Every commentator says it differently. Mer See Ur
Is that true that poker players get a lot of ladies? Depends on the player...
If they are a fat slob, then they probably aren't getting a lot of ladies.
I do okay
Just one question Jason. When will it end? Edit- Im guessing the people down voting dont follow Jason on twitter. Never.
Hello Jason, welcome to reddit! Do you have any thoughts on string cheese as a snack food? Thanks! Not a fan of string cheese, stopped eating it when I was 11.
If you could give one tip to people aspiring to emulate your poker success, what would it be? Win lots...
What tilts you the most? Traffic
Whats your net worth give or take $1m? also what kind of boat do you own? I don't tell people my net worth. Its a formula something. 35 footer
Who are the four people you spend the most time with? Do u want me to name my friends?
Do u know Dirty Dave?
Dan Obrien when I'm on the road.
Why 4?
You can't just drop that you bought a sweet boat and not tell us what you named it. It's corny though, isn't it? :) It's going to be either "deuces" or "deuce to seven"
Has to do something with the price :)
Has there been any professional poker player that you just have not been able to read? Who has been the most difficult? There are a lot of pros that are difficult or unable to read.
Do you feel your perception ability extends past poker? My perception ability definitely flows over into all aspects of life.
Who would you rather play between Ike Haxton and Viktor Blom? I'd rather play Ike.
Why Ike? Viktor is scary :)
Were you actually contemplating taking your boat to the PCA? Yes was considering it,
I'm not sure of the logistics of it. Was it just a joke? Ending up not because of the potential problems and bad weather
How did you select your horses? Will you ever recruit more? What cut do you get from their winnings? I'm strayed away from backing in the last few years. Most players in the past that I backed we did a standard 50/50 with makeup deal.
It’s often a misconception that gambling is a sin but according to the bible it’s never said that gambling is a sin rather the lust of money is where we sin. I was curious since the time you posted your blog about your beliefs as a Christian how has that affected the relationships around you and has it changed your approach in live games? also, on my next visit to Miami can I drive your new boat? @heydanpowers. Gonna pass on the boat driving, no offense.
My beliefs as a Christian haven't really affected my relationships or my approach to live games except in that I'm trying to not put in such long sessions anymore playing cash. That is more of a health thing though.
Are you planning on playing any Irish events this year? Irish open, IPO? No, never been to Ireland either ;/
How much money would you personally have to have in order to play $100,000 buy-in tournaments without swapping/selling action? Many more millions :)
Just how much harder has the game gotten from when you first started out to current day? There are a lot more elite players nowadays.
Do you watch hockey? If so whose your favorite team? Nope
Is the no-drinking bet going to actually happen? What's your motivation for proposing it? Glglgl tho. It might, but it hasn't happened yet. I was not feeling well after a night of drinking... so I fired off on twitter looking for action.
Hey Jason, Gonna be making my way down for my first WSOP in vegas this year. Any tips? Is late registration the way to go? I recommend showing up early, regging the night before to avoid lines, get comfortable and prepare for a long day. Patience.
What I'm trying to get at is, as a (amateur) poker player myself, I often find it hard to separate the skill from the variance, and when I win money I wonder if I got lucky and when I lose money I wonder if I just suck. Do you ever doubt your abilities and how do you overcome this doubt? Doubting your abilities is something that almost every poker player struggles with. It's hard not to during the downswings. Overcoming this is difficult, but a lot of times you just have to play through it.
Who's your inspiration? My dad
If you could only choose one horse for a ten man sng for your life, who would you pick? Besides yourself. For my life???
How do you see yourself in 10 years? still at the top, still playing? I can't imagine a year from now, much less 10 years. I hope to still be at the top.
How hard was it to get there where you are standing now? I can't put into words how hard it was, it took many many hours and a lot of hard work.
I know that you're a big sports fan. How often do you bet on sports? Also, do you do most of it online, with friends, or at a Vegas sports book? I don't really bet sports much anymore, had to stop after really slamming it for a while. Was doing it mostly with friends.
Will the Knicks make the playoffs? Nope.
Hi Jason, In your opinion, is Ole Schemion or Vanessa Selbst a more formidable opponent? They are both very tough and very good
Any plans to relocate long-term and focus on online games again instead of live? If so, how much would another online MTT reg like me have to pay you to cancel those plans?! Let the bidding begin!!
I have no plans as of now to do so, you're safe! :)
Online poker is legal in my state now, and I have a $200 bankroll to start with. What would be the best way to grind it out into a decent amount? What are you good at playing?
Tell us how you REALLY feel about the Stars High Stakes Regs Problems twitter account. Lol who?
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Casino 1995 - Arresting Everyone - YouTube FRANKIE AND REMO GAGGI - YouTube Casino - YouTube Casino (1995) Best Scene Casino Nicky's Death - Subtitles Full Scene - YouTube Remo Casino - YouTube

Spielhalle San Remo in Finnentrop Bamenohl, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Strasse: SCHÜTZENSTR. 6, Spielhalle, Spielautomaten, Casino, Spielbanken und Spielotheken Zu den bekannten Spielbanken in Italien gehört das Casino di Sanremo. Nahe der französischen Grenze liegt es in dem beliebten Urlaubsort Sanremo im Norden Italiens am Mittelmeer. Im luxuriösen Ambiente wird im großen Spiel amerikanisches sowie französisches Roulette, Black Jack sowie Punto Banco an zahlreichen Tischen angeboten. Poker kann an mehreren Tischen gespielt werden, regelmäßig ... San Remo Casino. 901 Bewertungen. Nr. 1 von 4 Spaß & Spiele in Sanremo. Bars & Clubs, Kasinos. Treffen Sie Ihre Auswahl und buchen Sie eine Tour! Italian Markets Tour in San Remo und Menton von Nizza. 17 Bewertungen. 97,68 $ pro Erwachsenem. Weitere Infos. Beliebt: von 118 Reisenden gebucht. Schnellansicht . Einkaufstour zu den italienischen Märkten von Nizza aus. 98 Bewertungen. 99,98 $ pro ... Casino SpA - Corso Inglesi 18, Sanremo - Genehmigtes Kapital: € 5.000.000 Reg. Imprese di Imperia P. IVA 01297620088 - (Art. 2497 sexies CC) von der Stadt San Remo Controlled - Società soggetta alla direzione e al coordinamento da parte dell’unico azionista Comune di Sanremo (art. 2497 – sexies C.C.) Casino S.p.A. - Corso Inglesi 18, Sanremo - Authorized capital: € 5.000.000 Reg. Imprese di Imperia P. IVA 01297620088 - Controlled by the City of San Remo (Art. 2497 sexies CC) - Società soggetta alla direzione e al coordinamento da parte dell’unico azionista Comune di Sanremo (art. 2497 – sexies C.C.) San Remo Casino. 902 Bewertungen. Nr. 1 von 4 Spaß & Spiele in Sanremo. Bars & Clubs, Kasinos. Treffen Sie Ihre Auswahl und buchen Sie eine Tour! Italian Markets Tour in San Remo und Menton von Nizza. 17 Bewertungen. 98,73 $ pro Erwachsenem. Weitere Infos. Beliebt: von 118 Reisenden gebucht. Schnellansicht . Aktionsangebot. Einkaufstour zu den italienischen Märkten von Nizza aus. 98 ... Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Sanremo Casino sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Sanremo Casino in höchster Qualität. San Remo liegt in der Provinz Imperia in einer Bucht, die von Bergen geschützt ist. Das milde Klima und der Reiz der Riviera lockt das ganze Jahr hindurch viele Besucher in die Stadt und wer am Glücksspiel interessiert ist, hat jeden Samstag Morgen die Möglichkeit, die Räume des ältesten Casinos in Italien zu besuchen, dem Casino Municipale di Sanremo. Bevor wir Casino San Remo Online in unseren Katalog aufgenommen haben, haben wir die folgenden Kriterien überwacht: Zuverlässigkeit des Software-Designs, keine Viren auf der Website, Einhaltung der Einzahlungs- und Geldabhebungsanforderungen für echte Spieler. Wir haben Bewertungen und allgemeine Glaubwürdigkeitsbewertungen in Suchmaschinen und auf anderen Bewertungsseiten überprüft. Wir ... San Remo Casino. 909 Reviews #1 of 4 Fun & Games in Sanremo. Bars & Clubs, Casinos. San Remo Casino. 909 Reviews #1 of 4 Fun & Games in Sanremo. Bars & Clubs, Casinos. Get the full experience and book a tour. Italian Market Shopping Small Group Day Tour from Nice. 98 reviews. $108.56 per adult. More info. Popular: Booked by 566 travelers! Quick View. Private Full-Day Tour 3 countries in 1 Day ...

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Casino 1995 - Arresting Everyone - YouTube

"And everybody beging to tumble, one after the other, just like dominos" About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Leakage my balls Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. "COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER UNDER SECTION 107 OF THE COPYRIGHT ACT OF 1976. ALLOWANCE IS MADE FOR "FAIR USE" FOR PURPOSES SUCH AS CRITICISM, COMMENT, TEACHING, SCH... "Casino" is a 1995 American epic crime drama film directed by "Martin Scorsese" and starring "Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci & Sharon Stone".Casino was released o... Casino: Back Home Years Ago Copyright 1995 Universal PicturesI don't own this video. Nicky and Dominic get beaten in the cornfield, after they framed their bosses.